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Light Hearts, Clear Minds

Experiencing Art Therapy at Featherlight will enrich your emotional health


The use of creative processes can be a means for positive change. This combined with the support of a trained therapist, in a safe space, can help you focus on your inner experience, perceptions and feelings in a different way, when putting these into words may be difficult. 

Featherlight Art Therapy is a supplement to talk therapy and therefore is suitable for people of any age or ability.

Your emotional health is just as important as your physical health and in fact they support each other. 

“There is a healing energy in creativity that can help lift the heart and clear the mind”

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What is Art Therapy & How can it help

See what kind of creations you might produce

Individual & Group Therapy

See what kind of creations you might produce

Gallery of creative expressions

See what kind of creations you might produce

Inside & Outside

Creation in nature & inside the studio can open opportunity.

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Extra Support

A link to support channels if you feel you need urgent support

We are located at:

Toukley Shopping Plaza
Shop 17, 219 Main Road Toukley, NSW 2263

Parking is available behind the arcade in the Coles carpark just off Yaralla Road, Toukley. Once parked you can walk through the rear entrance to the arcade and up the ramp to Shop 17. 

Featherlight Art Therapy Services

Linda Watkins is a registered Art Therapist servicing the Central Coast region with a therapy studio space based in the heart of Toukley.

Contact Linda for more information or to book an individual or group session

0405 442 131

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