What is Art Therapy

Art therapy at Featherlight is a practical approach to self-reflection and growth. We use creative processes to facilitate the exploration of experiences, thoughts and feelings, improve self-awareness and reduce anxiety. 

It is reassuring to know that you do not need to have artistic knowledge or ability to participate. It’s about accessing your imagination and creativity – qualities which we all possess. 

There will be no interpretation or judgement of your artwork, instead we will reflect on what is experienced while creating art, to discover insights and meaning that is there for you.

Art therapy differs from an art class as we are not teaching artistic skills rather our work together will help you discover a sense of empowerment, allowing your happiest and most genuine self to emerge. 

The enjoyment found in art processes help practice new patterns of healthy behaviour. Exploring the relationship between mind and body through art assists awareness and acceptance of our bodily responses to stress, in turn finding new ways of releasing tensions.

Creative processes that can be explored include but are not limited to: 

  • drawing 
  • hand/ brush painting 
  • collage
  • therapeutic photography 
  • sculpting/ 3D work 
  • clay work 
  • sand tray and symbols work 
  • play
  • eco-art etc 

What happens in an art therapy session ?

All art therapy sessions look different and will be adapted to meet your needs. Typically a session will have 3 main components:

1. Pre Art Making:

This will involve a chat about where you are at, how you are currently feeling and any issues that may have occurred since your last visit.

2. Art- Making:

At Featherlight many options are available to explore different materials and mediums. Art materials help participants get in touch with the sensory nature of what they are feeling. For example if you want to feel more connected weaving may be helpful. Sculpture or clay work may ease anger. Your relationship with materials may change each session. You may seek direction with a theme or choose open-ended exploration with lots of room for choice to explore your inner world. 

Once the exercise and materials have been agreed upon, art making can evolve if you are comfortable doing this. Some participants like to hold a conversation whilst making art, others prefer to work in silence and have a debriefing session about their creative process when finished. 

3. Post Art-Making: 

We will work together to understand what arises from the art making which may reveal subconscious material that can serve as a means for reflection and directions for the future. Connecting to your artwork may help provide links to previous experiences that are affecting current thoughts and emotions. Artwork can be stored safely in the studio until you are ready to integrate it with your world outside the therapeutic space.

How can art therapy help you?

Benefits of Art Therapy at a glance

  • Improve mood and general wellbeing
  • Reduce stress
  • experience mindfulness
  • help you identify and communicate feelings
  • resolve inner conflicts develop perspective and insight
  • facilitate change, build confidence and raise self-esteem
  • express thoughts and feelings that are difficult to say
  • help you explore behaviours or symptoms such as feelings of anxiety
  • identify personal strengths and positive ways to respond to life’s challenges
  • clearer sense of direction, purpose and meaning

For more information about Creative Arts therapy here is a link to an online brochure from the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association:


Featherlight Art Therapy

Linda Watkins is a registered Art Therapist servicing the Central Coast region with a therapy studio space based in the heart of Toukley.

Contact Linda for more information or to book an individual or group session.

0405 442 131

We are located at:

Toukley Shopping Plaza
Shop 17, 219 Main Road Toukley, NSW 2263

Parking is available behind the arcade in the Coles carpark just off Yaralla Road, Toukley. Once parked you can walk through the rear entrance to the arcade and up the ramp to Shop 17.

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