Individual & Group Therapy

Art therapy at Featherlight can be practiced with individuals, families and groups of any age and ability.

We endeavour to lift the weight of resolving you worries by yourself.

Once you feel comfortable to express yourself, whatever that is on the day, we can address challenges together.

Individual Therapy

First sessions usually start with a discussion about art therapy in general:

  • what brings you to this type of therapy
  • what you hope to achieve by participating in it.

Therapeutic goals will be discussed and agreed upon by participants to have control over their treatment plan.

As outlined in more detail previously, individual sessions will focus on

1. What is on your mind for that session?

2. Art- Making

3. Connecting to the artwork by being inquisitive and understanding.

The frequency and length of sessions can be tailored to your needs, usually individual sessions are 1hr duration. 

Group art therapy

Group Therapy may give you the opportunity to practice social skills and build relationships in a supportive environment. Groups can also facilitate a sense of participation, belonging and community which could counterbalance loneliness and isolation. Creativity can connect us with a sense of meaning and also a means of communicating this to others. 

Groups sessions can also vary in frequency and length but are normally between 1 ½ -2hrs. Longer workshops will vary depending on topic and groups needs.

You can also check out what’s happening at Featherlight on Facebook and Instagram.

If you would like to book a session please follow the link below

Featherlight Art Therapy

Linda Watkins is a registered Art Therapist servicing the Central Coast region with a therapy studio space based in the heart of Toukley.

Contact Linda for more information or to book an individual or group session.

0405 442 131

We are located at:

Toukley Shopping Plaza
Shop 17, 219 Main Road Toukley, NSW 2263

Parking is available behind the arcade in the Coles carpark just off Yaralla Road, Toukley. Once parked you can walk through the rear entrance to the arcade and up the ramp to Shop 17.

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